Lucy Parakhina

Good With Maps


Good With Maps by Noëlle Janaczewska

Level 2 – Kings Cross Hotel
Sydney, NSW 2000

November, 2016

When the world map was full of gaps, the Amazon topped the list of places unknown to western explorers. In 2016 are there any ‘unknowns’ left? On a trip to the Amazon, the writer ponders this and other questions as she struggles to deal with her father’s journey through Parkinson’s disease towards what is perhaps our last great unknown—death.  Sometimes sad and confronting this performance essay also funny and thoughtful and celebrates the power of reading and literature to transport us to places both real and imagined. 

Performed by Jane Phegan
Director Kate Gaul
Designer Alice Morgan
Composer & Sound Designer Nate Edmondson
Lighting Designer Louise Mason
Stage Manager Zara Thompson

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