Live camera operator:

2017 Liveworks, Performance Space, Carriageworks, Sydney, NSW 


Nat Randall & Anna Breckon


From the creators' site:

The Second Woman is a 24-hour performance in which a female-identifying performer repeats a single scene 100 times with 100 men ranging in age, background and acting ability. The scene is inspired by John Cassavetes’ meta-theatrical film Opening Night and involves a couple negotiating a long-term relationship that has lost its creativity, romance and vitality.

The scene is shot on digital video, edited live and presented on a screen adjacent to the performance. While the stage offers a wide view of the action, the screen exhibits closeups of the performers, giving the audience access to the minute shifts in emotional expression. An audience member can watch the stage only, the screen only, or self-edit between the filmed and the live.

Images by Heidrun Lohr (1-3), Helen Murray (5)

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